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reuse - reduce - recycle

Ready for eMobility with retrofit kits of SCARABÆUS

We have the goal, that our landscape will be in the future kept as wonderful as today. That’s why we have our guiding principle reuse – reduce – recycle. Our products will be very efficient and sustainable. We offer customized retrofit kits for your vehicles, so they are in the future not only economic but also good for the climate protection.

What we offer:

You want to start your project, but you are not sure what is possible, what is positive and what makes sense in your project? We provide you with our consulting in order to make your project successful.  
We don’t want to try or botch. We know that the first priority is the economic side and the availability. That’s why our partners and deliverers are successful producers of components since several years and they will also provide global service for their products.  
You have your own workshop? Then we send you the retrofit kit and you can install it in your vehicle. Alternatively, our technicians take over this task for you.    

  • Consulting 35%
  • Retrofit Kit 40%
  • Service 25%


Consulting & Engineering


Retrofitting & Mounting


Service & Life-Cycle-Management



It does not have to be the case that every old vehicle must be scrapped because some of the components are out of order. You have paid a lot of money when you bought it and it has cost a lot of energy and raw material. That’s why we use all this and do what we can to repair and make a planning for the vehicle, so it is fit for the future without emissions. Find more information here: Products > Engineering



The vehicle will be restored and then we will install the retrofit kit and all the other components. You can use the old vehicle parts for the rest of the old diesel driven vehicles. Find more information here: Products > Retrofit kit



After the installation comes the certification and then you can use your new old bus. You of course get the service for our products and your workers get the education for the new technique and the 1st-level-service. With data monitoring we have complete information about the working quality of all of the components and give you a hint if a service is necessary. This information also helps your control center to plan and to manage the buses. Find more information here: Products > Service

Our last news:

From 2025 admission only emission-free?

From 2025 admission only emission-free?

As Dutch media reports, a decision of the competent Chamber of Dutch Parliament is coming directly that are allowed from 2025 only emmission free-powered vehicles. This should apply to all categories of vehicles. Last month, applied for the PvdA (Social Democratic... read more

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