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Produkt Lifecycle Management System (PLMS)


The management of diesel-driven vehicles is fundamentally different to the management of electrical vehicles. That’s why we need new tools like the monitoring and so on. It gives us new and better possibilities to manage not only the vehicles but also the fleets. Because our overall workflow is only digital, this is helpful and useful for the quality management and many other aspects. With the help of our PLMS we are able to document, to analyze or to match several types of data.

At one hand, PLMS is the basis for decisions for financing, for different type of costs, for efficiency, for service interval and much more. For us it is also a great basis to get a idea of problems in the system. So we can make our product better and better and you have also a better product in the end.

(Picture: Overview and content of PLMS,
source of picture: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/90/Product_lifecycle_management.png [without copyright])